Patriots Defeat Globalists
by Zack Mount
© Copyright – Zack Mount / Zack Mount (193428678088)
Let’s Wake Up people’s Minds around the World about the Corrupt FakeStreamMedia, and the Evil DeepState Globalists trying to destroy America and President Donald J. Trump. I’m making positive, educational, political and motivational music to enjoy daily!
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Political Rap
Release Date: 2019

Hey, my name is ZACK MOUNT and I want to open up the minds of all the people looking into the American President Donald J. Trump. The business that I am interested in is making positive, educational, and motivational music in this day and age like we used to have back in the 90’s, the previous decades before that and especially when Bob Marley was spreading his positive message ending wars in multiple countries! What the world really needs right now is some positive music to bring down the evil elite globalists!


1) What is it that you are going to sell or offer?

The music that I’m selling and offering consists of, but is not limited to: powerful, positive, influential, music that is original and that can be used to help positively educate all ages of people all around the world! I will try to keep the songs radio friendly, unlike most artists today, and I will also keep it very educational so that you can literally look up all the topics that are talked about on the songs to see the deeper truth about every topic! Plus there will be many more songs to come and I’m sure some of them will eventually get labeled ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’, once I describe more and more about the truth that is happening in the world and what the globalists are negatively doing to it.

2) Who is your target market? What are the characteristics of your average customer that are important in shaping the way you do business?

My target market can really be anyone from any background as well as any age, all the way from just being born to somebody who has a century of life with them. These songs and merchandise can be for all the men, the women, the boys and the girls across the entire globe! One main characteristic the average customers already have, or have to have, is an open mind to accept the truth and recognize that the main stream media lies and is tied into the evil globalists that are trying to destroy the world. Plus, everyone listening to my music must love Freedom and/or want freedom! All of these songs and merchandises are one of a kind and it’s the first time anybody has seen or heard anything like this. It’s time we stand up for our President of the United States and help save the planet!

3) Where is your target market?

My target market can literally be everywhere for everyone of all ages. Right now, I live in Paris, Tennessee and my target market is going to be everywhere around the Tennessee area, but then it will go worldwide and beyond!

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